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Mars Laboratory Instruments Center Inc. is founded by Marciano Laburada in 1998 with only 3 personnel. During the early years in importing and distributing laboratory equipment, instruments and supplies, it also ventures into planning, designing and manufacturing of laboratory furniture. Marslab is the country’s leading laboratory furniture manufacturer and the most trusted supplier for laboratory products.


Marslab distributes a wide range of scientific instruments, laboratory equipment, optical instruments, balances, measuring meters, chemicals, educational apparatus and other related products.

For almost 20 years in the business with more than 70 personnel, Marslab is dedicated to give its clientele excellent products and services when it comes to their laboratory needs.


Marslab is..

  • Dedicated to operate with integrity and to provide value-added service and top quality product to our customer.
  • Committed to provide a safe workplace for our employees.
  • Constantly working to improve the product for our customer, our community, and our future.


Marslab looks to the future with the goal of motivating each and everyone of the importance of creating a better tomorrow for our families, our company, and our country.